Interview with Akeith Walters

Photo: © Akeith Walters 2020

Please, introduce yourself and your writing.

Oh, splendid. An interview. Please do not let the Paparazzi know, though; I just finally got them off my trail a few weeks ago. I’m a guy who’s in the youth of his old age. Originally from a loud, party town (Houston, TX), I now live in a quiet place northeast of San Antonio. Since writing is a hobby, I must work, so low-wage retail it is. But I’m enjoying myself. I started writing (poetry, mainly) in earnest about 12 years ago. I’ve been fortunate to be published in numerous lit mags and anthologies (for a list, leave a comment). I think in the last decade, I’ve earned about $200.

Your latest writing project(s)?

None in particular. I enjoy the process of working on a poem or short prose and when done, laying it aside for another one. I am rather lazy about submitting them, but I have befriended as well as become acquainted with writers, both local and from abroad. (Yeah for the internet.) Even now, with the restrictions of the current situation in the world, we stay in touch. I’m involved with The Sun Poets of San Antonio, a local gathering of writers that meet weekly (now, virtually) as an open-mic group. Poetically, we tend to be in each other’s business.

How would you describe your poetry?

Free verse. I’m not especially fond of writing in a structure. It’s more enjoyable for me to let the poem place itself on the blank page. One never knows, though. Maybe a day will come when I try to write in a more rigid manner.

Why do you write?

For the pure enjoyment of it. I find the creative endeavour to be quite uplifting.

Who are your favourite authors?

There are many, but I prefer reading the work of writers who are still living. There’s always that small hope I may be able to ask them questions about their art. Right now, I’m exploring Mary Oliver … though she’s recently passed away. I also am reading d. ellis phelps, who is a local poet and anthologist.

Do you have a homepage?

I have an old blog I was thinking of reviving.

Thank you very much for the interview!