Interview with Jennifer Lemming

Photo: © Jennifer Lemming 2020

Please, introduce yourself and your writing.

I live in the Great Plains of the United States. My husband and I moved to Bismarck, North Dakota after he accepted a nursing position. Since where I live geographically influences my writing, this move six years ago has shaped my newer writing in unexpected ways. Before that, I wanted to be a novelist since my teenage years, but poetry came first, and is a major focus of my published writing.

Your latest writing project(s)?

I am working with a poet friend on a visual/poetry project that is in the beginning stages. I am working on a series of poems about spiders to organize and submit as a micro chapbook. I always have a number of chapbooks in the beginning stages, sometimes I have to let go and focus on the work that is closer to completion. But I still write new poetry as often as I am able.

How would you describe your poetry?

My more recent poetry is more grounded than my previous work. I was profoundly influenced but the Romantic period of poetry, and more free form person. I rarely write personal narrative poetry, but that doesn’t mean my poetry isn’t personal. It is very personal, and always from my artistic center. I am making an effort to bring more of my “here and now” into my poetry, but I don’t think the majority of my writing will turn to the personal narrative.

Why do you write?

I feel a need, a soul purpose. When I write I feel most fully myself, no matter how experimental, or in the swirling cloud of whatever narrative voice is speaking to me. It also gives me immense pleasure, and sometimes great fellowship with other writers.

Who are your favourite authors?

That would be a very long list if I were to list them all. In poetry, I love the Elizabethan poets, the Romantics – Bryon, Shelly foremost.The gothic poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. The Russian poets Anna Akhmatova and Joseph Brodsky are very close to my heart. I’ve recently read poetry by the American fiction writer John Updike. It is too early in my discovery to say he will become a favorite poet, but what I am reading of his poetry is very interesting and satisfying to me.

Do you have a homepage?

At this time I do not have a homepage. I have a personal Twitter account (@whytephish) and an Instagram page for my visual work (@enceladus_dream). Future plans for more social media presence are in the works.

Thank you very much for the interview!