Interview with William Doreski

Photo: © William Doreski 2020

Please, introduce yourself and your writing.

I’m a lifetime poetry addict who taught for many years at many colleges / universities and now live in a small house in the woods with piles of books and a few handy cats. My writing will have to speak for itself. I’ve worked hard to make sure it does, although maybe it doesn’t.

Your latest writing project(s)?

I recently completed a 55 poem sequence based on Hiroshige’s Tokaido. Journals have gobbled up the poems readily enough, but book production seem problematic because it would be expensive to reproduce the woodcuts. Like so many of my projects, it will probably remain unfulfilled, but that’s OK.

How would you describe your poems?

Image or phrase-based, with embedded storylines of the simpler sort. Usually written in accentual verse or as prose poems. My basic topic is the negotiation between the lives we live inside our heads and the exigencies of the world outside of us.

Why do you write?

I must keep trying to explain the world to myself. That has gotten harder in recent years, but I can’t imagine just drifting through this present tense.

Who are your favourite authors?

Hart Crane, Wallace Stevens, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Whitman, Dickens, Trollope, Andrew Marvell, Alan Dugan, Rimbaud, Catullus, Elizabeth Bishop, Thoreau, Sylvia Plath, and lately Alice Oswald.

Do you have a homepage?

Not exactly, but I have this: