Interview with Thomas Zimmerman

Photo: © Thomas Zimmerman 2020

Your latest writing project(s)? 

I have two poetry chapbooks out in 2020: Conjugal Spaces (a prose-poem cycle) and Songs We Darkly Know (a poem cycle). Both are available on Amazon.

How would you describe your poetry? 

Regarding form, I usually write in blank verse, and I’m fond of the 14-line brevity of the sonnet. Regarding content, I might call it ironic domestic gothic. I like to set a poem in my concrete everyday world and then allow my inner world to intrude and interact with it.

Why do you write? 

The short answer is: To leave a record that I am (or, later, was) here. To me, every work of art screams, ”I’m alive!”

Who are your favourite authors? 

William Faulkner, Seamus Heaney, Robert Lowell, Robert Bly, Anne Carson, Louise Glück. Just to name the first ones that come to mind.

Do you have a homepage?