Temple of the Golden Web

To build your Temple/Web,
being a spiritual spider,
do you exist for the filament
yet to shoot forth?

The task complete, the prey caught,
then whisking the cocoon, food for the mating.

Your egg sack, a nexus of birth before death –
to be the dry husk, to be blown away
from the Mandela of your web
by the wind from a single word.

Did you live for the life yet to unfold?
For the unborn pattern to be made.

Slippery Words

My muse I implore and cajole,

the one I whine and beg and curry favor for,

hoping for the bounty of inspiration,

needing a nudge for literary creation.

Slip me the words

under my pillow if you must.

Slip me the words

because my muse I trust.

Slip me the words

where dream inspired shown,

my newest writing’s metronome. Slip me the words.

like a tip for something well served.

Slip me the words bonafide,

I think well deserved.

Slip me the words

on a piece of paper

meant only for me.

Slip me the words.

since collaboration

is our key.

© Jennifer Lemming 2020

Jennifer Lemming won 1st place for her poetry in the Dancing Poetry Contest in 2004, 3rd place in 2007, and the Grand Prize in 2019. In 2011 she was a finalist for the “Poems for Mr. Lincoln” contest sponsored by Brick Street Poetry.  Her poems and short fiction have appeared in News Verse News, Tall Grass Anthologies, Rufous Press, Earth’s Daughters, recently in AlienBuddhaPress, WineDrunkSidewalk, as well as other online and print journals. She was a participant in the ”Poetry in Free Motion” quilt/poem project that matched quilters and poets for collaborative exhibits. Her 2nd chapbook, Star Slough was published by Dark Heart Press, 2019, previously “The Clever Level” was published by Celestial Panther Press in 2012. She now lives in Bismarck, North Dakota.