Interview with Yash Seyedbagheri

Photo: © Yash Seyedbagheri 2020

Please, introduce yourself and your writing.

My name is Yash Seyedbagheri. I’m American and hail from Idaho. I have an MFA in fiction from Colorado State University. In general, I write fiction and some poetry.

Your latest writing projects?

I’m in the middle of writing a story called, “Adopt.” It’s about a young man whose older sister wants to adopt him and whose mother is experiencing a multitude of emotional issues. I’ve also written a number of flash pieces.

How would you describe your fiction?

I would describe it as Romantic in nature, with an emphasis on the dark and the emotional. Dysfunctional families are a favorite subject of mine. As Tolstoy put it, “Happy families are all alike; every family is unhappy in its own way.”

Why do you write?

I write partly to become a part of different worlds and also to dissect and poke fun at our current times and personages. I also write because I enjoy shaping and playing with language and exploring its possibilities.

Who are your favourite authors?

I like Richard Yates, Joyce Carol Oates, and Richard Ford, among others.

Do you have a homepage?

I do not.

Thank you very much for the interview!